Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break

And now that your coffee is really cold...

Spring Break...a visit with Isabel!! I couldn't wait!!
Esme couldn't wait. We were counting down the days...
 Finally, it was time. Time to go to the airport and pick her up. I was trying hard to keep the secret, but Aaron told me I had let it slip more than once. Esme hadn't noticed though. Izzie texted me and said she'd arrived. I announced "they're here!" Aaron nudged me reminding me to be careful what I said. The truck was loud though and Esme didn't hear. We pulled up to the airport, departures because Izzie couldn't find the exit for arrivals, and then...
she wondered why I was taking a picture of her.


 Esme's best friend, Eliza got off that airplane too! It was AWESOME! This secret was so hard to keep, for so long!!

a sister

and a best friend

And we get to keep them for 9 whole days!!!!


  1. omigosh. that made me cry!!!!! what an awesome moment. i hope there were at least a few more as lovely during your week!
    LOVE YOU!!

  2. Oh, this is just too beautiful!! How great that you got pics of all the faces in all their emotions!! I hope those happy, warm feelings lasted all week!! What beautiful girls!!!

  3. worth the wait. for. sure. xo

  4. We did have happy warm feelings all week! It was such a good good visit. I didn't want it to end. You know how you usually feel ready by the end of a visit to get back to your regular times, That didn't come with the end of this visit, that was how I started it.