Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2nd....

  Well Hot Dog!!
It is March second and I have done it! I've been putting it off since I've gotten here. Afraid to put myself out there. Afraid of my hypocrisy. I have been disparaging blogs for years...and secretly or not so secretly reading them faithfully.
 Why would anyone want to read a diary of my day to day life? Well, because I do interesting things. I have a cool family. i don't really live like most people. I pick up and leave. i leave my friends, my family, my home. I go to new places  and hopefully make more of all of those things. Well... maybe not the make more family part. We are a traveling family and I love that. I love to see the new places,love to get to know the new towns. It is fun and it is exciting.
  This time has been different. I miss my Ohio home. I miss my ohio friends. I miss my daughters.
 I left those big girls there. They grew up. They did not come along this time.
Whaaaaa!!! Those kids are awesome! I'm missing them like mad. I'm not worried about them. They are so freakin' smart... and able. They can take care of themselves and everyone else if they need to. But, I miss them. I miss their good company and their funny jokes. I miss the good food we share together. I miss running into Savannah in town. I miss the loud noise of her car rolling up the road.
I miss Isabel's hilarious take on everything. Her funny turtle lip to make me laugh. Her need of a pancake.
 I miss my friends. I miss the potlucks. The park. the cold coffee and the delicious popcorn. I miss the hot coffee too, in the morning with the neighbors, and I miss their tofu. I miss all of it. I even miss hiding behind a pickle display in the grocery  store so I don't have to talk to someone I know. And... I think those guys miss me too.
  So, just like I've been talking about, laughing about, pretending that I didn't really want to do...I have started this blog. I call it Cold Coffee because I really enjoy a good cold cup of coffee with my friend, trading stories...complaining...wishing and dreaming.  Like old cold coffee in a pretty cup, I imagine these stories will be a little behind...and you may have already heard them by the time you see them here. But now you will get to see them and I'm hoping that even if they are ugly stories, they will be pretty, in this bloggy cup. I will  take a good picture to share. I will show you what we're up to,even if it is just sliding around the kitchen floor with our slippers on.
  I am in Galveston, Texas and it is weird. There are tar balls on the beach. There are oil rigs and cruise ships. There is a roller coaster at the end of my street. Nobody knows me here. Our friends here don't know that they are our friends! It is warm. People are harvesting cauliflower!garden. There is very much to tell. It is March Second! .

                                                       ...and here we are...
                                                            I am ready for that coffee.



  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! you know i'm going to save this every day to have with my afternoon cup (if i can wait that long!). you rock. happy march 2nd, dear one!!!

  2. Sweet!
    Enjoying it with my hot cup of tea.
    Looking forward to getting to see it all in person next weekend!