Monday, March 25, 2013

A roller coaster and a new drunkle

Where I live now there is a roller coaster at the end of my road. At night I can hear the screams of terrified adventure seekers testing their courage on  The iron shark.  I've been there twice now. Once as a full on participant. That was enough for me.  Once as a support person: holder of hats and purses for those boarding the shark, and company for those who just couldn't face the shark full on.
 There are other rides too, the The Texas Star Flyer, The Sea Dragon, and for those wishing for a calmer day, the carousel and some bumper cars. For most of our group, The Iron Shark was the highlight. Izzie and Esme and their drunkles could not get enough of it. Around and around they went. ELiza and I spent a lot of time watching them...and checking out the less terrifying rides.
 This park is pretty awesome. It's called the Pleasure Pier. Funny name I know but it's actually a pretty incredible place. The rides are beautiful and they feel sturdy and strong, not like they are about to tip over, or the cars will fly off.( Those are the kinds of rides I'm used to. The ones I wasn't allowed to ride when I was a kid and the carnival came to town.)
The iron Shark

The Texas Star Flyer
When you go to the Pleasure Pier you get a bracelet that lets you come and go without having to pay again if you leave. This is really nice for us considering how close we live it. We could conceivably go home for lunch or dinner and come back in the evening for some more fun. That was the plan this day. Go home, rest and head back for some more shark riding. Plans were made...
 Well, the only one to head back that evening was Brian. Brian is an old friend and a new addition to our household here. He came not too long before Spring break to work on the Alissa with the other guys here.
He lives in the foyer and he has achieved drunkle status.
  Meet Brian.
 He returned alone to face the iron shark. He was the only one in line that night so he got on and  never had to get off. SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW!!!
Brian wins.

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