Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Spring Break

So Spring Break started with the surprise, and then moved on to the visiting, the showing, the sharing.
  We woke up on Sunday ready to go have breakfast at our favorite spot to eat breakfast. It's called The Sunflower Cafe and it is pretty yummy! It's a very pleasant walk too.

We stopped to look at all the pretty things... like this car.

and these papaya

and these pretty flowers...

even picked some of them.

The live oak tress here are amazing!! Unfortunately most of them on one side of the island died in Hurricane Ike.

 We did eventually make it to the cafe where we decided to sit outside. It was so nice out. We didn't get a sunny spot though and it turned out to be pretty chilly. We ordered tea and coffees to warm up with.
The waiter in the background gave Izzie his phone number. "call me if you get bored" he said.   

                                              Izzie only threatened to call him once.

 We ate a delicious breakfast. The girls ordered waffles with berries. I was torn between the salmon with hollandaise sauce and that waffle. The salmon is so yummy... But I too got the waffle... with strawberry butter. Mmmm...
  I learned the different sizes of poodle while I was munching that waffle.Trying hard not to laugh too obviously...probably without much success, I overheard some very serious ladies discussing the different sizes of poodle. It goes like this if you didn't know. Teacup,Toy, Miniature and Standard.     
This is a toy.
                                                                              who knew?
                                                                            Isabel...of course.

Next we trekked on down to the Elissa. That's the ship that Aaron and Andros and Brian and Mark are mending. It's a pretty neat boat all made of steel, except for the wooden stuff that those guys are fixing.
  On the way we found my wall.
izzie took this nice picture of it.
The girls found some more flowers.

 And we checked out that giant cruise ship, just from this parking lot though. I think it looks like an office building. These ships are so big that when you look down the road when they are in port, it looks like the road dead ends into them. One of these cruise ships is so long that you can look down a few different roads to see it! They're like three blocks long!!!
That orange tube is a water slide.
We checked out the Elissa.
 That is the part of  the deck that is taken off.  It's just one end, the aft deck I guess they call it. You'd think by now I'd know the names for the parts of these boats. Aron just put the first new plank on this a couple of days ago! Yay!! new wood going back on!!!!

There is that cruise ship again.

That was it for day one. 

The next day we we went to the beach. It was just girls as Big Aaron had to work.
So, we headed for the CVS and bought some sun screen so we wouldn't burn to crisps, gathered all of our other gear, which seemed like a ton considering we just live down the street.

That's kristin's metal detector...she's a treasure hunter.

Made it!!

Kristin did not find any treasures today.
But she did talk on the phone for a very long time.

some rest

some toes
contemplating further adventures

   It was a beachy day. Too cold for my body to get in the water, but not too cold to enjoy a day with the girls. Relaxing, playing and visiting. It was a fun time. And so close we could go home for lunch.


  1. hope it was in time for today's cold cup!

  2. ah, girl. didn't get my cold cup today, but you know what? this blog tastes pretty darn good with a beer...hmmmm. love these. love the poodle talk, the hopeful (hopeless?) waiter, the flowers, your wall, your guy and his hat...

  3. I'll take the coffee hot or cold just about any old time. May I request more documentation of the ship? And I'd love more about Kristin and her beautiful swelling baby - if she will allow it! Debbie joined Savannah last night for some celebrating, while I put the girls to sleep. We intend to brush up on our kapaga some time this week! When was the last time you played??

  4. I love the picture of Izzie and the Pleasure Pier and I miss you!