Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Well Hello,
As always, not getting on here as much as I was dreaming to. I just get caught up in not wanting to be boring. or putting off a post until I figure out how to use the scanner so I can show you something really cool...
 So, that will just have to wait while I tell you about The Galveston Grand Children's' Festival. It turns out to be the most fun event yet in this town. It was a festival of real fun stuff. All geared towards entertaining kids, which is probably why we liked it so much.
 There were acrobats, stunt bike riders, marionettes, a wall to climb..stories to hear,,dancers to watch...and even a mechanical bull for kids. I guess it's to train them early for the the real bull riding they do in the rodeo. This is Texas, and here, unlike Ohio, they don't have a demolition derby at the county fair, it's a rodeo. We'll be going next week!
 I think my favorite attraction at the kids' festival was the trio of aerial acrobats. We were particularly interested in these guys not only because they had a silks act, which is something Izzie has been interested in, but because back in the day when I met Aaron, it was his dream to have his own small circus. Finally I saw the possibilities in that. I feel sad for not helping to realize that so long ago. Maybe it's not too late.
 These guys were pretty fun. I wouldn't say they were the best acrobats I've ever seen, but they were a traveling little circus, and, they were quite amazing. They had some ground acts too, one of which I will share in pictures. I chose this to share because it seemed to be sort of a theme at this festival. People getting inside of balloons. I'd never seen it before.

    ...and then the weirdest thing. Let a guy close your kid up in a plastic ball and push it into a swimming pool.


  1. omigosh!! i almost couldn't look at the ones with the girl in the balloon - i mean, didn't her mama ever tell her not to put plastic bags on her head, let alone stick her body inside a balloon??? how did she breathe??? the balls look super cool - like bumper cars on water...i bet meme love it.

  2. Oh my goodness...that's so amazing!!! How did they ever think to do that?? Esme looks like she loves it!!! I would love it!! Love your blog, Erin! I sent the link to Lory...she loves it too! Don't know how to put a pic up here so i will remain anonymous...but this is your mother.